SMA (Southwest Movers Association) - Austin, TX
Keller Chamber of Commerce - Keller, TX
BBB (Better Business Bureau) - Fort Worth, TX
*CMC (Certified Moving Consultant) on Staff

TxDot# 00617813C
D&B# 003-661-622
MC# (Motor Carrier) 702287
USDOT# 1950595

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* CMC Certification with the American Moving and Storage
Association (AMSA) is considered one of the highest accolades
a consultant can have. Let our 17 year veteran consultant guide
you through your relocation with certainity and ease.



Superior Relocation Services

Toll Free: (888) 591-MOVE (6683)
Phone: (817) 753-6701
Fax: (817) 753-6750
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